Master Series

2nd in the Master's Series, raindrop pattern damascus head, exhibition grade ironwood handle. Silver and turquoise inlay work is by master craftsmen Larry Favorite. This piece is in a local collection.

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This is the first knife of a "Master Series" of ten collaborations with internationally famous master craftsmen. This first knife has a forged raindrop pattern damascus blade by Tim Britton and a glass handle by John Nygren of Walnut Cove, North Carolina. The ferrule is sterling silver encrusted with a 24k rose gold and gemstones. OAL 14 1/2".

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"Chocolate Diamonds"

Baby Bullet, Exhibition grade stag and 24K gold inlay and engraving and jewel setting by Lester Bryant. FINE faceted chocolate diamonds are in the bolsters, and each pin is inlaid with either cognac or black diamonds. Chocolate diamonds have been appraised at $1000. This is surely the most ornate folder I have ever made.

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June 1-4

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November 17-19