"Jade Handle Pronghorn"

lockback, bg42 blade,24K gold inlay

"Mammoth tooth/crosscut handle Pronghorn"

lockback, bg42 blade

"Cigar Shape Jack"

2 1/2" bg42 blade, large variety of handle materials.
My favorite EDC knife!


s35vn blades, 2 7/8" & 2 1/4" really cool traditional pattern slipjoint folder


an adventure into the world of tactical folders. s35vn 3.7" blade, just under 8.5" open. Sculpted titanium handle and clip will allow point up or point down carry. Framelock, of course, with phosphor bronze bushings and 416ss fittings throughout. I've got 6 designs on the drawing board at present. Design 2 will be available in April.

"Pronghorn Lockback"

2 7/8" bg42 blade, 2 styles, my favorite camping/fishing/hunting outdoorsy knife. Good size and palm swell makes for a comfortable knife for dressing game.

"Serpentine Jack"

Classic traditional pattern with a 2 3/4" wharncliffe blade and a 2" secondary blade BG42 steel, RC59
(engraving + 24K gold by Jim Small is $325 extra)

tactical claw, with class. hand finished S35VN blade, lockback, amazing fit in the hand, standard with G-10 or carbon fiber 6 1/2" overall, or 7 3/4" overall.
Design inspiration from my good friend and
talented knifemaker Bob Merz
$350 & $385

inspired by VOLTAR and TERMINATOR, S35VN hand finished blade, lockback, standard with G-10 or carbon fiber, 6 3/4" overall, 7 7/8" overall No clips, bells and whistles.....just 100% handmade quality.
This is now my favorite carry knife.
$350 & $385

really cool traditional design that has been made by several older knife companies.
Blade is bg42.

just right pocket size folder,
stylish, 2 1/2" bg42 blade

2 3/4" bg42 wharncliff blade, FINEST handle material,
superb trout and bird knife

3" closed, available in stag, mammoth or pickbone. Blades are bg42, RC 59
$385 - Limited Edition of 50

Designed as a lockback by Tim Herman. Made as a slipjoint by me, with the finest hand picked scales,
3" bg42 blade, awesome lines

"2 Blade Trapper"
Classic design with 2 bg42 blades and the
finest handpicked handle material

"Baby Bullet with Class"

AAA exhibition grade mother of pearl handle slabs, bg42 blade; faceted sapphires set into each hand engraved bolster, and blue diamonds set into each handle pin head. This may be the finest Bullet style knife ever made. We're working on 2 more now, one with emeralds, the other with rubies.
price on request

"Baby Bullet Master Series"
Maybe the finest bullet EVER! Just an example of what can be done. .25K chocolate diamonds set into bolsters, with 24K inlay and engraving. Cognac color diamonds set into each pin.
price on request


SKEAN-DU, available in many configurations..single or double bolsters,6''or 9'' overall. This is my stylized version of the famous Scottish Knife. Available in double edge or single edge. Engraving and 24k gold inlay by Mark Waldrop
$225 to $400

"2 Blade Double End Jack"

BG42 blades. 416 stainless bolsters and liners. 2.5 inch primary blade, 3 inch closed. Available in pearl, mammoth and snakewood for immediate delivery.


MINI-TANTO, 7 1/2 '' overall, slender, graceful flowing lines with a Japanese flavor.


Style lockback folder, hand-picked sambhar stag, 416ss hardware, 2 5/8" bg42 blade inlay and hand engraving by Jim Small.
$300 without engraving.

"Teardrop Jack"

2 3/4" blade, spearpoint or wharncliff
bg-42 steel, 416ss liners and decorated bolsters
AAA exhibition grade pearl or FINE mammoth


3 3/8" blade, 4" closed. bg42 blade and premium
sambhar stag is standard.


Slender, gorgeous pearl or finest Mammoth Ivory, 2 1/2" blade ats34 postpaid in USA
(engraving by Jim Small is extra)


Single or smaller 2-blade sliplock folders
prime stag, bg42 blades, 416ss hardware.


Made from 512 layer, raindrop pattern damascus from my forge. 7 inches overall.
$325 base price.


SWAYBACK jack knife, prime stag, 416ss
liners and bolsters, bg42 wharncliff blade 2 7/8"


My 1000th Knife!! Very special design - ( LAPIS-LAZULI ) handle, fine hand engraving with gold (18k) inlay in fitted walnut case.Only the best for my 1000th creation.
The Marakesh "1000th" knife has been sold! I thank you for your interest in my 1000th knife; however I am not interested in making another anytime soon!



These knives pictured in this section reflect the wide variety of designs that typify some of my most recent work. BG-42 steel seems to be the best general purpose steel available to knife makers today. The combination of toughness, stain resistance and edge holding is hard to beat. D2 has been my long time favorite for its toughness but is more prone to stain than BG-42 D2 is used for paper cutter blades as well as carpet cutting shears...both very demanding tasks. I'll be glad to work with your preference. I have some of the finest handle materials available at any price...gold lip clammother of pearl to some of the gorgeous acrylic stabilized fancy wood burls. I still recommend linen base micarta for maximum durability for field use. It is available in many grades and colors. Let me know your specific needs.

Please note that all material on this website is copyright protected, including knife designs and names.

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