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Not Everyone Can Appreciate A Hand Crafted Blade, But For Some Nothing Else Will Do...

In today's world where mass produced blades can be purchased, used and tossed in the bin before a custom blade even needs to be sharpened; many folks still won't see the value in purchasing a custom blade.  But for those who appreciate true craftsmanship a custom blade is really the only option.  Like a fine Swiss timepiece a custom blade is not just functional, it's something special, something that stands out from the rest, a thing of beauty that you know will last a lifetime.  


A Heritage Of Fine Hand Crafted Blades Since 1971

Tim Britton has been a blade smith for over fifty years and has truly honed his craft in that time.  Using only the finest quality materials from all over the world Tim creates hand crafted, unique, one-of-a-kind blades that are nothing less than heirloom quality.  Not just something for you to use and enjoy but a blade that can be passed down through your family, useful for many generations to come.

My fascination with knives goes back to a broken blade knife that my uncle gave to me as a toy.  I met Blackie Collins in 1971 and he gave me one of his really cool knives.  I was fascinated with the idea of handcrafting a knife.  The litany of makers who have helped me in my or their shops reads like a who’s who of knifemaking:   Mel Pardue, Frank Centofante, Claude Montjoy, Paul Fox, Steven Rapp, Howard Viele, James Batson, Tommy McNabb, Travis Daniel, Wayne Whitley, Blackie Collins, and my good friend, Jim Small.   My knifemaking has evolved from tools for dressing game to primarily tactical knives, to my niche where I seem most comfortable….slipjoint folding knives in many forms.  My work represents my pride in my heritage, my faith and a powerful commitment to excellence in materials and craftsmanship.

Many thanks to my awesome wife, Deb.  Her patience and understanding help make me semi-civilized.

- Tim Britton

Image by Manki Kim

Hand Crafted

For Over 50 Years!

For The Discerning Connoisseur

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Hand Crafted Quality Since 1971

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